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"We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other."

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In search of a quiet place, some sun, tasteful food and a friendly atmosphere, the animals continued on their way out of the city. Through the district of the old south, across the bridge, right on to Marathonweg. Once they arrived, they quenched their thirst, ate their fill, laughed until they cried and fell asleep exhausted but happy as the evening sun made room for the beautiful silver moon.

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, lunch, drinks or diner, Marathonweg has it all. Most of our food is cooked on the Green Egg grill, a ceramic charcoal cooker. Marathonweg likes to keep it simple: we serve good quality meat or fish with two seasonal vegetables. Apart from our varied lunch and drinks menu, we also serve wholemeal pizzas and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has a big terrace facing south with all day sun.

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Background Restaurant Marathonweg


We ate well and cheaply and drank well
and cheaply and slept well and warm together
and loved each other.

Ernest Hemingway


11:00 16:00

Power Bowl 6.5
yoghurt, fresh fruit, goji berry, chia seed, hemp seed, coco nibs

Pesto Courgette soup 6
crispy salamy

Poached eggs 10.5            
toasted sourdough bread, smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, antiboise

Panzanella salad with mango 9
mesclun, tomato mix, mango, red onion, basil, croutons

Caesar Salad 13.5                                                                                                 
romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, tomato, Parmesan, red onion, capers
croutons, anchovies dressing

Cold Vongole Pasta Salad 11                                                                                   
vongole, conchiglie pasta, aioli, paksoi, fennel antiboise, sud n sol antiboise

Foccacia Hüttenkäse 9
little gem lettuce, cucumber, edamame, green pea salad, puffed white rice

Pita Pulled Beef 9.5                                                                                   
pita, mitzuna, pulled beef, paprika, red onion, boksoi, shiracha crème fraîche

Pita Falafel 7.5                                                                                               
pita, lettuce, falafel, eggplant, sweet-and-sour shallot, dukkah, tzatziki

Smoked Steak Sandwich 9.5                                                                                                
smoked steak, truffle mayonnaise, rocket, pine nuts

Caesar Sandwich 9.5
romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, tomato, onion, capers, Parmesan, anchovies dressing

Sandwich Steak Tartare 9.5
rocket, steak tartare, slow cooked egg yolk, truffle mayonnaise

Chicken Bagel 8.5
smoked chicken (rolled), avocado cream, feta, bean sprout salad, sesame, omelette

Slices of white tin-loaf & croquette 7.5
2 beef croquettes, mustard, slices of white tin-loaf

Toasty / Toasty XL 4.5 / 6.5
sourdough bread, ham-off-the-bone, cheese

Petit Fours 5.5
red velvet, madeleine, apple financier 

Chipolata Pie 7
by Holtkamp                                                                                               

Tony Chocolonely bar 3                                                                                                
milk or dark chocolate or caramel & seasalt

Snacks 7.5
biiterballen or cheese straws or dim sum

Nibbles / Pizza

16:00 22:00

Mixed olives 5.5

Bread 6.5
olive oil, dip

Bitterballen (Dutch delicacy, deep fried, filled with meat ragout) 7.5

Cheese straws 7.5
chili sauce

Spicy meat rolls 7.5
chili sauce

Fried European Smelt 8.5
aioli, lemon

Dim Sum 7st 7.5
chicken or pork or gamba

Dim Sum Mix  10.5

Nachos's 9.5
guacamole, crème fraiche, tomato salsa, cheese, jalapeños, spring onion

Edamame beans 5.5
sea salt, wasabi, soy sauce

Spring Rolls (cold) 7
2pc, taugé, paprika, carrot, radish

Iberico Boneless Ribs 9.5
ginger-soy lacker

Crab Cakes 9.5
5pc, yuzu-mayonnaise

Sardines 9.5
lemon, bread

Mixed delicacies 14.5
fennel salami, tzatziki, avocado crème, peppers stuffed with Manchego cheese, olives, feta


Margherita 9.5
tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella

Prosciutto 13.5
tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, Parmesan

Bistecca 12.5
tomato, mozzarella, smoked steak, Parmesan, rocket, truffle oil

Salami Tartufo 12
tomato, mozzarella, fennel salamy, Parmesan, rocket, truffle oil

Zucchini 11.5
mascarpone, mozzarella, courgette, goat's cheese, basil

Salmone 11
lemon dill mascarpone, mozzarella, salmon confit, red onion, deep-fried capers


Pesto Courgette soup 6                                                                                                
crispy salamy

Buddha Bowl Beef 10.5
pulled beef, glass noodles, sweet-and-sour shallot, hoisin dressing, spring onion, white tip radish, coriander, poached egg

Steak Tartare 8.5                                                                                               
steak tartare, truffle mayonnaise, croustini, slow-cooked egg yolk

Watermelon Feta 8                                                                                              
watermelon infused with ginger beer, feta, basil cream, roasted ginger bouillon, sesame biscuit

Swordfish Ceviche 11.5                                                                                
swordfish, mango and paprika brunoise, watercress, lime-coriander dressing

Quinoa Salad 9.5
quinoa, tatsoi, artichoke heart, cucumber, pomegranate, borage cress, hazlenut dressing, puffed white rice


Tenderloin steak 23.5                                                                 
blackberry and balsamic gravy or beurre Café de Paris

Salted boneless chicken 18.5                                                                                    
sesame-yuzu oil

Frenched Rack of Lamb 20.5                                                

The above dishes are served with a seasonal vegetable garnish

Lobster 21.5
half a lobster from the grill, tagliatelle, green peas, snow peas, edamame, Dutch carrots, cherry tomato

Catch of the day  today's price                                                                                   
daily changing fish with various garnish

Ravioli 17.5                                                                                               
ravioli filled with goat's cheese, walnut, honey served with mini paksoi, chioggia beetroot, broad bean, wild spinach, maize velouté


Raspberry Pannacota 7.5
white chocolate crémeux, pistachio crunch, raspberries, creamy pistachio ice cream            

Chipolata Pie 7                                                                               
by Holtkamp

Brownie 8                                                                                           
pecan brownie, caramelised banana, candied cream, nuts, dark chocolate stick, creamy vanilla ice cream

Key Lime Pie 7
lemon curd, meringue

Cheese platter 12
assorted cheese                                                           

Tony Chocolonely bar 3
milk or dark or caramel sea salt   

Petit Fours 5.5
red velvet, madeleine, apple financier                                                                                

Sgroppino 8.5 glass / 49.5 carafe                                                                                                          

Special coffees 8.5                                                                                            


Domaine de Guillaman 2017, 4.5 glass / 24.5 bottle
ugni blanc, colombard | Cotes de Gascogne, France

Fattori 2017, 5.5 glass / 30.5 bottle
pinot grigio | Veneto, Italy

Bogle vineyards 2016, 7 glass / 39.5 bottle
chardonnay | California, US

Quinta de Azevedo 2017, 29.5
alvarinho, loureiro | Vinho Verde, Portugal

Esperanza 2017, 31.5
verdejo, viura | Rueda, Spain

Domaine Leon Boesch 2015, 32.5
sylvaner | Alsace, France

Corte Gardoni 'Bianco di Custoza' 2017, 32
garganega, trebbiano, trebbianello | Veneto, Italy

Sileni Estate 'cellar selection' 2017, 33.5
sauvignon blanc | Marlborough, New-Zealand

Domaine Chavet et Fils 'Menetou-Salon' 2017, 36.5
sauvignon | Loire, France

Eitzinger 'Alte reben' 2015, 34.5
grüner veltliner | Kamptal, Austria

Domaine Patrick Baudouin 'Effusion' 2016, 39.5
chenin blanc | Loire, France

Terras Gauda 'O Rosal' 2017, 41.5 
albariño, loureiro, caiño blanco | Rias Baixas, Spain

Domaine Yves Cuilleron 'Les Vignes d'a Cote' 2016, 39.5
viognier | Rhone, France

Domaine l'Echevin 'Saint Maurice' 2016, 39
grenache blanc, marsanne, rousanne, viognier | Rhone, France

Belondrade y Lurton 2016, 58.5
verdejo | Rueda, Spain

Chassagne-Montrachet ‘Marc Morey’ 2015, 69.5
chardonnay | Burgundy, France

Schäfer 'Red Shoulder Ranch' Carneros 2014, 74.5
chardonnay | Napa Valley, US


Carminucci 'Rosso Piceno' 2015,  4.5 glass / bottle 24.5
montepulciano, sangiovese | Marche, Italy

Gianfranco Alessandria 'Dolcetto d'Alba' 2015, 5.5 glass / bottle 30.5
dolcetto | Piemonte, Italy

Red Heads Studios 'Barrel Monkeys' 2014, 7 glass / bottle 38.5
shiraz | McLaren Vale, Australia

Pausa 2008, 29.5
petit verdot, syrah, touriga nacional, tinta barocca | Alentejo, Portugal

Ktima Pavlidis 'Thema' 2014, 33.5
syrah, agiorgitiko | Drama, Greece

Domaine Bernard Baudry 'Chinon les Granges' 2015, 34.5
cabernet franc | Loire, France

Domaine La Soumade 'Rasteau' 2016, 35.5
grenache, mourvedre, syrah | Rhone, France

La Planta 2016, 36.5
tempranillo | Ribeira del Duero, Spain

Bogle Vineyards 2015, 37.5
zinfandel | California, US

Mendel 2015, 39.5
malbec | Mendoza, Argentina

Jacqueson 'Mercurey 1er Cru' 2016, 49.5
pinot noir | Burgundy, France

Chateay Franc Mayne 'Grand Cru Classe' 2011, 62.5
cabernet franc, merlot | Bordeaux, France

Tenuta San Guido 'Guidalberto' 2015, 66.5
cabernet sauvignon, merlot | Tuscany, Italy

Il Poggione 'Brunello di Montalcino' 2012, 37,cl 29.5 / 75cl 59 / 1,5L 129.5
sangiovese | Tuscany, Italy

Il Montevetrano 'Colli di Salerno' 2005/2006, 69.5
cabernet sauvignon, merlot, aglianico | Campania, Italy


Eitzinger Sparkling Rosé 2017, 7 glass / 39.5 bottle
Zweigelt | Kamptal, Austria

Cava Fermi Bohigas 'Brut Reserva', 7 glass / 39.5 bottle
Xarel-lo, macabeo, parellada | Penedes, Spain

Billecart Salmon ‘Brût Réserve’, 70 bottle
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier | Champagne, France

Billecart Salmon 'Brût rosé', 89.5 bottle
Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay | Champagne, France

Dom Perignon Brût Vintage 2009, 149.5
chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier | Champagne, France


Mas de Lauriers 2017, 4.5 glass / 24.5 bottle
Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah | Languedoc, France

Fleur de l'Amaurigue 2017, 75cl 32.5 / 1,5L 64.5
Cinsault, Grenache | Côtes de Provence, France

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